Our goal is to improve the productivity of our customers through the reduction of energy costs

Founded in 2009 by Jaime Vergara for the optimization of energy resources of companies and public administration with the aim of generating savings without investment and with a clear orientation to new technologies. Eight years in which we have become, thanks to our customers and our accumulated experience, pioneers in the optimization of energy resources for companies obtaining great savings for our clients during these years.

Always at the forefront of changes in the energy industry

In 2014 we partnered to improve the energy management and monitoring platform, with a team of more than 40 programmers, which helps to monitor energy consumption in real time, orienting the platform to the financial and technical department, since what is not known can not be saved. Also in 2014, it creates in association with experts of the biomass sector the brand SUPERPELLET. The future of Optimiza Recursos goes through an internationalization that began in 2013 and today it has consolidated, being present in countries like Brazil, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, United States, and with the intention of opening delegations in many others countries in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. At Optimiza Recursos we remain together with the customer along the way towards energy saving goals, making the relationship stable and durable, and only for a specific moment, offering solutions tailored to the needs of each client after the initial study of each project.


Contribute to a more sustainable environmental future, making us the reference to which medium and large organizations / companies come to improve their energy efficiency.


Provide companies / organizations / production sector with the most innovative consulting and engineering products and services to achieve savings in their energy bill and evolve towards a more efficient and sustainable use of energy in their processes.



We offer trust, security, honesty and integrity, that is what helps us build and maintain a long lasting relationship with our customers.


We know the same as you that an excellent service, makes the difference, that is why our team will turn to attend your needs and offer you the most appropriate solution in each case.


We rely on technology to advance in the field of energy efficiency and rely on innovation to offer viable and real energy-saving solutions to our customers


We are only linked to the interest of our customers. In Optimiza Recursos we are independent of the companies that generate energy, distributors and marketers. That is why we can always offer you the best price and service.


We are a solid and multidisciplinary team, which stands out for the experience, trajectory, knowledge of the sector and flexibility to adapt to the needs of the clients. Our products and services are distinguished by rigor and professionalism.


Our concern for the environment and sustainability are part of the backbone of our business action. That commitment is the one we transfer to our customers and the one that prevails in our services and products.



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