Lime and corrosion can increase water consumption by up to 60%. The solution (preventive and / or corrective) is Calcat®, a sustainable technology that solves the problems of calcification and / or corrosion that arise in installations that operate with water (plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc.). Its great effectiveness makes this technology an excellent alternative to other treatments of greater cost and negative environmental impact (chemical discharge, generation of pollutant rejections, maintenance, etc.).



Hard waters, those with a high content of calcium and magnesium ions, give rise to the formation of low solubility calcium carbonate crystals, which have the property of forming deposits inside the pipes


The soft or low mineralization waters originate the formation of corrosion products in metals, which accumulate reducing the passage section of the pipe, causing pitting, breakage and weakening of the materials.


In comparison with calcification, the Calcat® treatment changes the crystalline structure of the calcium carbonate, avoiding that it remains adhered inside the pipes leaving by purges or points of consumption.

In comparison with corrosion, the magnetic field causes a reorientation in the ions of the formed corrosion products, favoring their drag towards purges or points of consumption.

Know the advantages of Calcat®

Our technology brings numerous benefits to your business in a silent way and with amortization periods generally less than one year.

Saving on water consumption

With Calcat® you will reduce your water consumption by 20 to 60% (depending on the installation)

Saving on fuel and / or energy

Achieve significant energy savings by maintaining design efficiencies

Eliminates corrosion and calcification

Elimination and prevention of formation of calcareous scale and corrosion

Longer life

The installation of our equipment allows a significant increase of the useful life of the installations

Easy installation

It is not necessary to make stops in the production process or conditioning works for its installation

Maintenance and repair costs

The installations are maintained in optimum conditions without maintenance of lime or corrosion

Less CO2 emissions

Higher efficiency and lower consumption will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by 5%

Reduction of spending on chemicals

Once installed there are no chemicals to use to combat corrosion or calcification


  • Specific study of each installation (collection of water samples, inspection of materials, operating conditions, etc.).
  • Preparation of analytical studies, drawing of plans, studies of amortization, etc.
  • Proposals for improvement, implementation of automatic control equipment, energy studies, etc.
  • Preparation of offers and treatment projects.
  • Carrying out work with own personnel.
  • Provision of substitute products.

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