Pellets are a completely natural product, classified as solid biomass, which consists of very small cylinders (a few millimeters in diameter) made of residual wood, sawdust and chips from agriculture, industrial and / or municipal waste, which are pressed without any additives since the lignin itself containing the sawdust as a binder is used. a fuel that is greener and cheaper than gas oil, gas or electricity. The use of this fuel solves the problem of the treatment of wasted residues of the forest and of the timber industry. It is not an inflammable product, its exposure to the atmosphere does not contaminate, does not smell, and does not produce pollution by pouring.



They are made from surplus lumber that would otherwise be wasted. Used optimally, its emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), are almost null

Easy installation

To install the boiler or stove is sufficient to have a smoke outlet. For higher power installations, a boiler room would be necessary.

Generates local employment

It promotes the local economy, because it is reutilization of agricultural matter, this comes from the same region where the stove is

Lower costs

The price of Pellet is cheaper than fossil fuels or electricity, it is also stable and not influenced by price fluctuations

Does not have expiration

They can be stored for an indefinite time as long as they are kept in a dry place

Protects forests

The reuse of wood residues that in the forests are a danger, aid to the prevention of forest fires


They are easy to store, are non-volatile and present no risk of explosion

No odor

They do not produce odors, nor do they present any health risk in case of leakage or discharge.



In OPTIMIZA RECURSOS we are aware of the different needs of each client and project, so we study each one in a particular way, with the aim of being able to offer the best solution


The first step will be to know the starting situation that we have and the current and future air conditioning needs of the building. We analyze the existing installation and the current cost of heating. We propose different solutions according to the needs of the client, not sticing to a single solution or to a single manufacturer.

At this stage we will define and delimit the needs of the project, identifying possible solutions based on four fundamental criteria:

  • The pursuit of greater efficiency with reasonable amortization periods
  • Replace equipment with more efficient ones without losing heat
  • Optimization / use of existing elements
  • Improving climate quality
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Once approved the project of replacement of the current equipment by other biomass and the budget, in OPTIMIZA RECURSOS we take care of the replacement or adaptation of the boiler.

Biomass boilers use natural fuels such as wood pellets, olive bones, forest residues, nutshells, among others. That is why they are considered the cleanest boilers on the market.

The base of its operation is similar to any other boiler being able in many cases to modify a Gasoil boiler for its operation with biomass.

Biomass boilers burn the fuel (the pellet or similar) generating a horizontal flame that enters the boiler. The heat generated during this combustion is transmitted to the water circuit in the heat exchanger incorporated in the boiler, thus obtaining hot water for the heating system or ACS.

Biomass boilers need a container or silo for storage of the biofuel next to the boiler. From it, an endless screw or suction feeder, takes it to the boiler, where the combustion takes place. Pellet fuel should be stored at a slope of about 45 ° for proper insertion into the boiler.

Super Pellet


Additionally we offer to our customers quality pellet directly at the best price.

We have a large fleet of transport vehicles for the distribution of fuel, both in bulk and in bags: moving floors, fixed tanks and tractors.

We serve all types of customers: industrial, domestic, farm, warehouse, E.S.E’S etc.

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