NCS (Network Control System) voltage stabilizers are high-precision grid control systems designed to improve the quality of the electrical supply by correcting various electrical parameters by means of power electronics and passive elements. Its operation is as follows: it receives the input voltage signal from the power line by the supplying company, performs an electronic control over the line in real time, supervising the line phase by phase and adapting it to the parameters set for deliver it fully balanced to all connected receivers.

It achieves a very precise stabilization of ± 1 volt, with a reaction speed of less than 0.5 seconds, supporting load imbalances of up to 100% and providing at all times the maximum quality in the electrical supply. This prevents consumption surpluses above the required level, also protecting the installation of overvoltages and over-stressing operations by having the three phases compensated. This also implies a lower maintenance cost due to faults.


Improve Line Impedance

By reducing the resistance of the line, the current flowing through the line is better achieved, resulting in a lower heating in the conductors and an improvement in the working power factor in the inductive loads

Minimizes input harmonics

The non-sinusoidal voltages consist of a 50 Hz frequency component, plus a series of superimposed voltages of frequencies, called electrical harmonics, which generate important technical and economic costs

Balance the input voltage to the installation

The voltage coming from the electricity supply companies is not always the most adequate or for which the loads of an installation are designed, the NCS equipment stabilizes this voltage for and adjusts it if necessary

Reduces over-intensity peaks

Inductive loads at start up produce a higher current than normal operation. Our team manages to round off those over-intensity peaks, reducing them and thus achieving a smoother start

What are the advantages for my company?

The stabilizers of tension in correcting the problems originated in the electrical line by the supplier company brings a series of benefits, among others:

Guaranteed energy savings
Extends equipment life
Average amortization in 36 months
Decreases the consumption of KWh
More than 20 years of useful life
Lower heating of cables
Reduces maintenance due to faults
Reduces CO2 emissions
Less resistance in the lines


Prior to any technical and economic proposal, it is recommended to carry out an energy audit, consisting in the inspection and analysis of energy flows partially or totally in the facility under analysis. The duration of the Energy Audit will be determined by the characteristics of the facility being measured.

After the audit, a proposal will be made to implement equipment to improve supply quality and energy savings, an estimate of energy savings, CO2, costs and return on investment.

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